Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Message From Black Cherokee

Earlier this month I wrote a post about an incredible New York City performance artist named Black Cherokee.

He transmits messages from the side of the FDR and Harlem River Drive at 125th St, underneath the entrance of the Triborough Bridge. This week there was another transmission posted roadside.

Clearly Black Cherokee reads The Winger, saw my post, and is telling me "Yes". But yes to what? Perhaps my interpretation of his work. Black Cherokee is giving us a critique of America, and its flirtation with fascism, by raising issues of race, gender, class, consumerism and politics in the contemporary landscape of a "war on terror" and accelerated consolidations of wealth and power. Black Cherokee is a self proclaimed patriot and fighter for freedom. His video shows his concern with the national security apparatus attack on figures such as civil rights attorney Lynn Stewart.

His poem "America I Love You" expresses these sentiments.

America America I love you yes I do.
America America red white and blue.
America America all it's people fron sea to sea.
America America God blessed us all and want us all to be free.
America America yes God shined his lite on thee.
America America can't you see it shinning shinning shinning through me.
America America wake up and let's get on the ball or
America America will soon soon fall.
America America yes God shined his everlasting light on thee.
America America it's time it's time for everyone to be free.

Listen to a sample of the song here.

Thanks you for your work, your art, and your message Otis. They are important to me and everyone else. I feel lucky to be able to correspond across this space.

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